This article contains a code example on how to use the Telerik Multicolumn Dropdown control    

Many of the articles here on DD are of the 'non-ground-breaking' variety, and... this one is no different.

Often, when coding the Winform RadGridView I need to set default values in the new row. This is a short code example on how to handle that.

You may ask why I would blog something so simple... the answer is that when coding I keep the DD Telerik menu open, and all these code examples add up to faster coding.


This article will be our repository for common coding techniques for the Telerik RadSpinEditor control


If you need to place code behind a WinForms RadGridView that does something when the grid row changes, the CurrentRowChanged event is the place to do it. This article is a short code example of how to code that event

I just spent way too long trying to find this piece of code.

When you're in a Telerik Grid and you need to cancel the new row, you need the line of code below. It's not really intuative, so I'm going to write it down <smiles>