This is something that I've strugged with for a while, I'm glad to have found a solution.

When you use the Telerik RadConfirm dialog, it pops up and when it closes it executes Javascript. But I most always need it to execute .NET code in the code behind.

This example shows how to do just that.


This short piece of code will show how to populate a RadListView control

I have an app that I'm creating that is targeted at a Tablet, I need to make the font in all the controls larger. The code to change the font size of the items in the dropdowns too me quite a while to find. I thought I'd save it here. It's not complicated or overly cool... just a little cryptic.


This is a complete example of a ASP.NET RadGrid that uses InPlace editing

We show access to a bound column, a template column, and the DataKeyValue