This short code sample shows how to iterate through a RadGrid

This code example shows how to export a Telerik WinForms grid to Excel. The example is complete. To use it:

  • Drop a RadGridView onto a form (don't add any columns or do any formatting) and copy the code below into the code behind.
  • Drop a button on the form to handle the export functionality
  • Add a reference to TelerikData.dll to your project


There are a few gotchas using the Telerik RadGrid ItemCommand event. I ran into one today... this code sample will help speed development by providing the code that you need to code the ItemCommand event

Before I show you this piece of code, I have to tell a story.

I received a request to build a web application that allowed a user to enter an ID and then using that ID as the customer number, enter SOP invoices. eConnect, all that stuff.

I didn't like the fact that the ID would come over in lower case sometimes, becuause CUSTNMBRs in Dynamics are all upper case. So I found this neat piece of code to convert a text box to upper case...

And the customer didn't like it, they made me take it out.

Anyway, for the record, the code below will convert the text typed into a text box to upper case

This article contains some code example for getting a RadMenu started rapidly.